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  19. - A Case of Herpes –HSV-1 -Pilar Casaseca Gonzalez
  20. - How to Survive the Attempt to Destroy Homoeopathy in Australia -Heike Bishop
  21. - Ask the Holistic Vet – July 2015 -Deva Khalsa
  22. - Update on Recent Research in Homeopathy – Part 31 -Robert Medhurst
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  24. - “Alone on the Raft”- A Case of Agoraphobia -Deborah Walters
  25. - The Toxic Relationship Cure- by Jerry Kantor -Jennifer White
  26. - Chronic Suppurative Inflammation of the Middle Ear -Henry Houghton
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  28. - Perceiving Life Processes Through the Holistic Lens of Homeopathy -Ajit Kulkarni
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  30. - Tidbits 29–“My Favorites”–More Outrages from the Drug World -Elaine Lewis
  31. - Revisiting: The Seven-Hour Headache -Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis
  32. - Hahnemann’s Organon Of Medicine with Word Meanings by Dr. Mahendra Singh & Dr. Subhas Singh -M.K. Sahani
  33. - Mesial Temporal Sclerosis – Symptoms Reversed with Homoeopathy -Aparna Singh
  34. - Homeopathy: A Functional Programmatic Medicine -Andres Amado Zuno
  35. - A Chronic Case – Headache -Roger A Schmidt
  36. - Directions For Drug Provers -Carroll Dunham
  37. - A Case of Insanity -Edmund Carleton
  38. - Suppression -H.A. Roberts
  39. - A Case of Migraine -Dagmar Scholz
  40. - Revisiting: Baby Barney Can’t Breathe! -Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis


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